In December 2014 bySWIERCZ was launched in Denmark. bySWIERCZ is a Scandinavian cosmetic brand, which has comfort, quality and design as its key values. This means that all bySWIERCZ cosmetic products are easy to apply, without any greater technical skills. The shapes and the textures of the products are all designed specially to make it easy and fast to apply a perfect makeup or manicure. In addition to comfort, bySWIERCZ emphasizes quality in all its products. bySWIERCZ corroborates with some of the most leading makeup manufactures in Europe, which all have been chosen based on their technical expertise. This means that bySWIERCZ can guarantee that each product is of the highest quality. Last but not least, there is a red line throughout the cosmetic collection as a result of bySWIERCZ’ simple and elegant design for each product. bySWIERCZ cosmetics should not be hidden away, but pulled out of your handbag with a feeling of joy and pride.


Five Fabolous colors. In its first launch, bySWIERCZ will present lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish in five different colors. Five colors which are timeless, and can be used by women in all ages, for every occasion. These five colors will always be a primary part of bySWIERCZ cosmetic collection. Season vise bySWIERCZ will launch new colors and textures according to the newest fashion trends. In relation to BySwiercz first launch of cosmetic products on the market, bySWIERCZ will have a selection of makeup brushes. Good brushes are fundamental for make up application, and just as important as the makeup itself. Therefore it has been natural for bySWIERCZ to let the makeup brushes be presented as a part of its first launch.