BySWIERCZ – The philosophy 


bySWIERCZ is a young Danish cosmetic brand, where every single product is handpicked at the manufacturer who can guarantee the best quality, and then adapted to the Scandinavian women’s needs – both in form and design.

 Highest quality at a reasonable price range

For bySWIERCZ, it’s all about making the choice of cosmetics easy for women. You can be sure that if you choose makeup from bySWIERCZ, you will receive exclusive products of the highest quality at a reasonable price range. Every time. That’s the philosophy.

Collaboration with best manufacturers in Europe

Developed in collaboration with the cosmetics manufacturers in Europe with the most knowledge and technical skills. Which means that our lipstick is produced in France at the manufacturer with the highest technical expertise in lipstick while our lip gloss is produced by a German manufacturer, as we found their skills in making that product the highest.

Next up..

Launching in Poland 

bySWIERCZ is a young Danish cosmetic brand, with Scandinavian values and standards ​​in both texture and design. We have created an exclusive product range based on a “less is more” philosophy, where every product is something special.

We’re ready to present our brand and products outside our Scandinavian comfort zone. But Why Poland? Besides being an interesting market pure businesswise, Poland is very dear to the Woman behind the brand.

My very first memory of makeup still remains clear in my mind. I was about 6 years old when I saw my grandmother standing in front of a mirror and with total precision and a chic casualness applying a deep red lipstick. I was totally fascinated by both her and the fact that even though she was always totally overworked and busy, she never compromised when it came to taking care of herself..

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